The Rumble Gate (pat. # 6,893,099) is an innovative tailgate exclusively designed and manufactured by George O’brien Incorporated. With extensive research and testing, this heavy duty tailgate and assembly add -on provides years of superior durability, tough performance, and noticably less maintenance costs over OEM parts.

We custom design our Rumble Gates for all major brands of articulated haulers including Volvo, Caterpillar, Terex, Komatsu, Case, and John Deere, and we fabricate them to exceed factory specifications and load tolerance.

Our unique design features high strength steel latching chains, with re-enforced support eye brackets. This greatly reduces damage and breakage, and greatly increases production and payload capacity.

The tailgate and support brackets are reinforced with strength welding and realigned to make the mechanism movement work smoothly for every load dump, thus increasing overall time and efficiency. If support chains break under extreme conditions, they can be replaced fast and easily with chains from your local hardware store—Instead of ordering factory replacements and waiting weeks for their delivery.

Are your haulers always in operation? Do you have weak tailgates that don’t secure loads, always break, or malfunction from weak parts? Then our Rumble Gate is your ultimate add-on to keep them running!


Our Services:

  • Walkways for any Volvo excavator
  • Windshield guards
  • Shorten excavator sticks
  • Machine repair

The Rumble Gate shop is located at 120 Haygood Drive in Woodstock, Georgia.

We ship all tailgates from this address, with several in stock. These tailgates are stacked to save space and are loaded end-wise. We can ship less-than-truckload (LTL). Most tailgates will be shipped two days after the order date.

We offer dealer discounts and Rumble Gate provides step-by-step directions with pictures. For $500, one of our installation experts can handle any job within 60 miles.

We will be happy to provide you with a quote on the cost of shipping & installation.

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Volvo Excavator Windshield Guard EC330B

Cat 740b


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